Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

The scope of personnel handling personal information within the business premises is limited to the staff responsible for the employment introduction business. 

The head of employment introduction shall conduct education and guidance on the handling of personal information for the staff mentioned in item 1 within the business premises at least once a year. Additionally, the head of employment introduction is required to attend an employment introduction manager training session at least once every five years.

Handlers, in the event of a disclosure request regarding personal information from the individual concerned about that information, shall promptly disclose information based on the qualifications and objective facts related to the individual. Furthermore, in the case of a request for correction (including deletion, etc., hereinafter the same), when the request corresponds to objective facts, corrections shall be made without delay. The head of employment introduction shall make efforts to inform job seekers, etc., about the handling of disclosure or correction of personal information.

In the event of a complaint from the individual concerned about personal information of job seekers, etc., the person in charge of complaint handling shall handle the complaint appropriately with sincerity. The person in charge of handling complaints related to the handling of personal information is the head of employment introduction.


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